sav, conall

Bring back the snakes...

Bhi machree Ohin trasna na farraige...
A long time ago, My heart came, From across the sea...

Happy St. Patrick's Day if you are celebrating, or in my case subdued reflection with a glass
of Jameson's.

Looking for the Druids to come out of the groves...
sav, conall

Once more ...please....

I have not been on LJ very much lately. I have been so busy, that it was all I could do to check in on all of you. I tried commenting on various posts yesterday, and my computer/internet/whatever internet gods that provide access to LJ were not in my favor. I could not post, although I had a lot to say/add on friends' posts. How frustrating!
I hope I can post this, we will see what happens.
I was called for a background interview - polygraph test - psychological screening for the Police Department. I really felt all of your posivive thoughts for the other tests, I felt a sense of surrender, and that everything would be alright, my friends were with me. I ask for another positive thought, it doesn't matter when because this process should take several hours! Thanks!

sav, conall

Just some Friday lols

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Are you kidding me?! (yes, they are) but I seek out cheerful people, I'm a cheer vampire- I feed off of the chronically happy.(because I can't seem to make 'happy' on my own). It's just getting harder and harder to find cheerful "victims" I mean people. Could Despondex be the reason why - damn those RX companies!
sav, conall

Happy Dance

Well, looks like I passed my Police Entrance Exams, my 45 page application is in to Human Resources/Background Investigation Division. So, now I sits and waits...
sav, conall

Thank you

I really felt all of you with me this morning. It was a beautiful drive, I felt ready for the test. The written portion was a bit tricky, but I'll find out the results soon. I managed to pull off the maximum score (for my age) in the physical fitness portion of the test. Thanks again for all of the positive thoughts - I KNOW it helped!
sav, conall

A little prayer, a positive thought, a small meditiation

Tomorrow morning I take my Police Officer exams. I feel very peaceful and quiet inside - I don't know if that is a good thing or not. Two hundred are slated to test. There have been two previous test dates to seat the Academy in June. Several hundred of us trying for approx. 10 slots. Maybe that's why I'm not so nervous.
What will be will be. I can try again for the next one if I have to.
I will try and do a bit of last minute studying - or maybe that will get me more apprehensive than I need to be right now. Oh, well - just think of me, and send me strength.
sav, conall

Let's hear it for the Hounds

A quiet moment between friends...

It's been quite a while since a sight-hound placed in any major show. So, I'm ecstatic to announce that the Scottish Deerhound placed First in Group, and went on to try for Best in Show at Westminster. The Irish Wolfhound, Ch. Dun Myrica Speaker Of Eagle was pulled Second in Group!